Travel Tips from the Heart

Many years of traveling with my husband or just backpacking alone definitely molded the following travel ideas in me.

Most of these travel issues and mishaps can be avoided and with proper planning and presence of mind.  With a good fietsverhuur amsterdam beurs van berlage, you will enjoy traveling the most.


Flexibility is a virtue

Most people tend to be very meticulous when it comes to time management. But the most important lesson I learned is to be patient and flexible. Never get upset when things go out of hand as it always does.

Insurance is a must

Traveling is expensive and going about it without extra protection is like going into battle without a shield. Accidents and medical emergencies are a bit pricey abroad and could be zorgverzekering 18 jaar overstappen more. It is always wise to consult your insurance provider about these eventualities.

Plan what to wear

packSome people just go on 3 days without changing clothes and some change theirs twice daily. These considerations are not need-specific rather for the sake of hygiene. When you book on a canal bus Amsterdam roundtrip tour you’ll expect to get dirty and wet. It is rather common sense to bring extra set of clothing with you.

Book your travel itinerary early

Now, it’s worth pointing out that careful planning is gratifying.  For one, you can save a tad on early bird promos while using vouchers codes.  This is why knowing where to put agoda discount code upon check-out is also a pleasure experience.

Blend with the locals

I remember the first time to Amsterdam. It was supposed to be a backpack tour turned disaster when I got lost.  There I learned to ask the locals where to get cheap meals and bargain goodies.


Learn a few local phrases

As you listen to people talk to each other in languages you may not understand, learning a few new simple phrases like “thank you” and “hello” can go a long way. This is something that frequent travelers can easily attest to.

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